Atrax Studios chooses Van Damme cables
Friday, 29 April 2022
atrax-2Atrax now offers a modern workflow for customers all over the world
Germany - Atrax, a mixing and mastering studio specialising in hip-hop and urban pop music, has been rebuilt using Van Damme Blue Series 8 core cables.
Based in Germany, Atrax now offers a modern workflow for customers all over the world.
For over 10 years, the studio has been helping artists to take their music to a new level. Whether it's mixing, mastering, recording or the entire production, it works with both newcomers and established artists, helping them get the perfect sound.
Thomas Merth, owner and CEO, Atrax Studios, comments: “We specialise in hip hop and urban pop and our customers expect quality at the highest level. I came to know and love Van Damme cables on many of the studio installations I have managed in the past. So it was easy to decide which cables to use for this rebuild. They’re absolutely reliable, the highest quality and have great handling."
Herpreet Kaur Singh, commercial director at VDC Trading says: “It’s lovely to hear stories like this and we strive to make every one of our customers as happy as Thomas. It’s been a pleasure working with Andre and Christian at Audiosteps to make this studio refurbishment a reality.”

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