Audio Precision expands PDM channel count
Wednesday, 6 November 2019
audio-precision-pdm-16-module-and-remote-pod-with-apx525-analyzerThe APx PDM 16 module is available to order now
USA - Audio Precision has introduced the PDM 16 module for the APx500 Series audio analysers. The new module offers simultaneous acquisition and measurement of up to 16 channels of PDM signals, making it the highest channel-count solution available for MEMS microphone and MEMS mic array testing, says the company.
PDM 16 is an optional interface module for the APx555, APx52x Series or APx58x Series audio analysers. Comprised of the input module installed in the analyser, a remote interface pod and an extension cable, the module provides sample-accurate inter-channel phase information, critical data for the creation of MEMS mic arrays. Developers of systems using beam-forming microphone arrays and other DSP-based multi-channel audio acquisition applications depend on a true representation of phase alignment of the input channels to validate their algorithms and designs. PDM 16 utilises synchronous sampling based on a common clock, thereby assuring a clear picture of the phase relationship between channels.
“With today’s smart devices incorporating as few as three and as many as seven MEMS microphones, the ability to conduct simultaneous, multi-channel test is critical for developers in evaluating their designs,” states Mike Flaherty, Audio Precision chief executive officer. “Our PDM 16 module’s multi-channel capability, acoustic test-friendly design, and ability to deliver sample-accurate inter-channel phase information make it the ideal measurement choice for MEMS mic designers and mic array developers alike.”
(Jim Evans)

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