Audiologic helps creates immersive Evolution
Tuesday, 22 February 2022
audiologicThe recently launched Evolution restaurant at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
UK - Audiologic has announced its collaboration with Technically Creative to deliver an immersive experience at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
The recently-launched Evolution restaurant at Yorkshire Wildlife Park provides an immersive experience, with diners embarking on a journey to a mysterious land where Jurassic Island meets the fantasy world of caves and mythical dragons, with sound, animatronics and visual effects. The restaurant forms part of the new ‘hub’ of retail and play, extending the park’s traditional offerings.
To achieve this experience, the audio brief demanded speakers which had to be discrete enough that they could be disguised within the scenic works as much as possible, whilst producing enough volume at high quality to fill the space, with a relatively limited number of them. With multiple seating areas delivering different background soundscapes, this provided an additional challenge.
Audiologic specified a system with the QSC Core 110f processor and Q-SYS UCI iPad control, coupled with 14 Genelec IP 4420A speakers for background music and sound effect audio and six Alto TS series PA speakers, split across the stage areas.
James Voakes, senior AV engineer at Technically Creative, comments: “The system delivers a high-quality experience to diners, and the on-board speaker management features enabled tweaks to be made to fit the environment, such as turning off the LEDs on the front of the speakers to keep them hidden, as well as shaping the onboard EQ for their specific requirements. The Core processor was also upgraded to expand the storage to upload the background music. Both the client and everyone at Technically Creative are very happy with what we were able to achieve on this project.”
Ben Spurgeon, senior technical manager, Audiologic, concludes: “We are really pleased to have been able to work with Technically Creative to deliver an immersive experience on this project. The brief provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the latest Genelec PoE / Dante loudspeakers and back-end it with the Q-SYS Ecosystem. Having the ability to demo the Genelec 4400 range helped us prove the possibilities of these brilliant speakers, and by opting for a fully networked solution, control, flexibility and ease of use all came together seamlessly.”

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