Version 16 has two new main features developed to assist programmers and operators
UK - Avolites has unveiled a major new release of its lighting and integrated media control Titan software. Version 16 has two new main features developed to assist programmers and operators by providing fast access to the data they need.
Freeform Layout view, for example, provides the ability to arrange and select fixtures in a 2D layout either manually, or automatically from the integrated Capture visualiser, streamlining the workflow from design to programming. It provides a visual representation of the current state of the fixtures and is accessed from a new 'Layouts' window and 'Layout' handle type. With this new function, group handles can be included in layouts to further assist fixture selection. Multiple layouts can also be created providing the ability to have more than one arrangement of fixtures or to separate fixtures into specific layouts. The view supports multi-touch gesture controls for zoom and pan.
A new window called Cue List Tracking View provides a way to view and edit the values and tracking of individual fixtures/attributes in a cue list. A 'View Tracking' button has also been added to the Playback View context menu. Selecting this will open the Tracking View window with the associated playback cues. Selecting the 'Select Cue List' option from the Tracking View context menu will open a menu where you can select other cue lists (either via the softkeys or by a cue list handle). The window will remember the last selected cue list when opened and if it is opened without a cue list it will prompt to select one.
Paul Smith, lighting designer/programmer, who has been instrumental in the development of both Freeform Layout and Cue List Tracking View features, comments: “By my own admission, it’s the fastest that I can remember of any shows I have programmed, that have gone from concept to creation to opening night, and that’s in no small part, from a visual creative perspective at least; down to the work that the Avolites software and support team put in. (Freeform) Layout Views and Tracking Views using Avolites consoles have made a vastly more workable solution than when we first discussed the project.”
“Avolites always aims to bring to users intuitive and easier to use tools to simplify programming - the release of Titan v16 continues to deliver on this promise,” comments Paul Wong, managing director, Avolites. “We’re pleased to incorporate a new set of time-saving and practical features taken from user feedback. We believe it is very important to listen to what customers want and to provide them with the tools they have asked for.”
The upgrade also comes with a raft of new bug fixes and improvements to the software operating performance, as Avolites continues to take in feedback from customers to develop its software.
Titan v16.0 can be downloaded by registered users for free at

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