Ayrton MistralTC and MiniBurst launched at PL+S 2018
Tuesday, 24 April 2018
ayrtons-lightshow-entertains-at-prolightsound-2018Ayrton’s lightshow was a major attraction at the Frankfurt show
Germany - French lighting manufacturer Ayrton reported that the size of the crowds that surrounded its stand for the hourly lightshow throughout the four days of Prolight+Sound were “testament to the anticipation generated annually amongst visitors by Stephane Migné’s lighting design and the Ayrton products he used to create one of their most complete lightshows to date”.
The show incorporated over 300 fixtures and gave each product group a chance to shine. It showed off the qualities and characteristics of the full range of new wash and spot fixtures, some new product releases, plus a few old favourites. Swathes of MagicPanel-FX worked their geometric magic from the back wall, MiniPanel-FX performed in tight aerial clusters, and MagicBlade-FX showed off its capabilities moving between ethereal colour changes to dramatic club-style sweeps.
MiniBurst added drama with military precision followed by Merak gyrating to Indian style Bhangra music and Mistral bringing some atmospheric gobo work. Ghibli showed off its versatility and panache to some James Bond music before all were brought together in a finale which revealed all the drama, subtlety, fabulous gobo projection and superb colour renderings that these products are so capable of, moods-changing in a heartbeat before MiniBurst delivered a final dazzling ending with a lingering sparkly finish.
“We were delighted to hear rapturous applause after every performance,” says Ayrton CEO Chris Ferrante. “We are extremely pleased with the huge international attendance this year. There was nearly a 100% turnout from our distributor network who couldn’t wait to see our new offerings, and the number of customers they brought with them and who came to us out of their own curiosity far outweighed our expectations.”
Michael Althaus, Ayrton’s global sales director, adds: “The new line of wash and spot fixtures has attracted immense interest: the arrival of Mistral-TC as a complement to Merak really sees the range taking shape, and Ghibli has taken customers by storm as they truly start to engage with the unique potential of this multi-purpose, multi-talented fixture.
“The surprise introduction of Bora-TC has just whetted their appetite even further. Visitors were very impressed with the output and quality of the new wash luminaire: it has a 32,000 lumen output, an 800W source, extremely high TM30 reading and, amongst its other features, an integral framing system that gives great framing capabilities over the full surface area. We are as excited by their reactions as they are at the prospect of the new developments Ayrton has to come.”
Ayrton launched two brand-new products at the show and exhibited two more for the first time in mainland Europe.
MistralTC and MiniBurst received their world premieres: the 300W white LED Mistral TC spot fixture is the latest, much-anticipated new development in Ayrton’s Automated Luminaires range, while the MiniBurst graphic strobe is the next luminaire to undergo the miniaturisation treatment of Ayrton’s highly successful Creative Solutions range. MiniPanel-FX and Bora-TC were shown for the first time in mainland Europe.
(Jim Evans)

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