Ayrton showcased in Russia by TDS-Pro
Tuesday, 9 October 2018
tds-creative-club-ayrton-day-3The day brought together creative and technical specialists from the show industry
Russia - Ayrton was showcased at the recent Prolight+Sound NAMM Russia 2018 in an interactive lightshow created by its commercial partner, TDS-Pro.
TDS-Pro specialises in stage design and technical production of TV projects, concerts and major sporting events. Its creative designers use Ayrton lighting fixtures in their designs. This was reflected in the lightshow which used the latest technologies to combine artists, Ayrton lighting fixtures, video, robots and augmented reality into a dramatic storyline.
In it, a robot, composed of an LED screen and Ayrton MagicBlade-R fixtures located on a robotic arm, lay embedded in an LED wall and DreamPanel-Twin units where it remained hidden from view. During the show, the lighting fixtures appear to start to work incorrectly as if struck by a virus. The engineer from TDS-Pro tries to solve the problem and starts to load the antivirus. But at that moment the robot suddenly comes to life, emerging from the display with an image of the monster appearing on the LED screen.
The futuristic environment was brought together by a wealth of Ayrton fixtures including 32 MagicPanel-FX, 21 DreamPanel-Twin, 17 MagicBlade-R, Mistral-TC, Ghibli, a Merak and MagicBlade-FX. These were supplemented by the industrial robot arm, movement tracking and full 3D video and light mapping, and custom video content and sound.
"The show was a great success at the exhibition,” confirms Konstantin Gerasimov, CEO of TDS. “After watching it, spectators said that this was a new level. They thought they were in the future. And this only proves that with the help of Ayrton fixtures, you can realize the most challenging ideas and really surprise the spectator."
“We are delighted at how well TDS showcased Ayrton with this dramatic representation,” says Ayrton’s sales manager for the region, Simon Gasch. “It was a truly unique piece of imaginative engineering which deserves to be seen beyond the bounds of the trade show. We couldn’t wish for a better display to bring Ayrton to the attention of the Russian market.”
The drama at Prolight+Sound NAMM Russia was followed by a TDS Creative Club event organised and hosted by TDS-Pro at the Glavkino television complex in Moscow.
The day brought together creative and technical specialists from the show industry, representatives of rental companies, manufacturers and equipment distributors to discuss lighting. TDS invited Ayrton to introduce its new fixtures and discuss lighting design trends to the gathering of knowledgeable professionals.
"The Russian show industry market grows rapidly from year to year and the level of events is getting closer to world standards,” says Konstantin Gerasimov, CEO of TDS. "Experts need new tools to complete tasks and they are looking for equipment and technologies that can surprise the spectator. We are sure that the creative and multifunctional Ayrton fixtures are exactly what the Russian show industry needs.”
(Jim Evans)

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