Bandit Lites donated the lighting system for the gala
USA - The Congressional Medal of Honour Society returned to Knoxville to celebrate and pay tribute to the sacrifices made by Americans around the world. Bandit Lites was honoured to donate a lighting system for the gala, where more than 30 recipients of the Medal of Honor gathered to “reconnect with each other, solemnly commemorate those recipients who have passed, conduct Society business, and engage the local community”.
“When asked, ‘what is the greatest event you have ever been involved in,’ my answer is simple: The Medal of Honor Celebration,” said Bandit chair Michael T. Strickland. “Other than the birth of my sons, this is hands down the event that is the most important moment in my life. We are honoured that this is our second time illuminating this amazing event, and these fine men are the true American Heroes. No other star shines as bright. To be in the same room with these humble, brave and unbelievable people will take your breath away. You have no idea the emotion until you stand amongst these giants. We can never thank them enough for all they have given.”
Bandit Lites donated more than 375 fixtures including Vari-Lite 2500 Spots, GLP Impression X4S, Martin MAC Aura, Elation Sixpar 100, Chauvet ColorDash Batten Quad 12 and Freedom Pars as well as over 500 linear feet of trussing and 26 chain hoists.
The upstage truss ran the length of the ballroom while two 75ft house trusses ran perpendicular to an 85-foot downstage truss. These were loaded with an array of VL 2500 Spots and GLP X4S to wash the ceiling as well as project gobos on the ceiling, walls, and tables.
Martin MAC Auras on the downstage truss offered front light to the stage where host Gary Sinese awarded U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley with the Patriot Award; Dr. Timothy Miller with the Distinguished Citizen Award; journalist Courtney Kube with the “Tex” McCray Award; and actor Glen Powell with the Bob Hope Award for Entertainment.
Chauvet ColorDash Quad 12 units were used to light a special dark blue drape brought in for the occasion and hung from Bandit’s upstage truss. Nearly one hundred Sixpar 100 lined the other three walls in the ballroom and were also controlled wirelessly with City Theatrical Show Babies.
“We also had two hazers so the beams would add serious drama and atmosphere,” said Bandit Lites production manager Giff Swart. “Freedom Pars were used to up-light elements of the set; this was especially important as anyone who appeared on stage walked through the set piece from behind the stage on stage left and walked off to backstage stage right through the set. This kept wires away from where folks were walking. Freedom Pars were also used to light several banners honouring past Medal of Honor recipients placed in the reception area on the concourse.”

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