Black Coffee gets creative with Green Hippo
Monday, 13 May 2019
john-dee-stylesJohn-Dee Styles heads the creative team at Black Coffee
South Africa - Black Coffee, a Durban-based rental company, has become more creative since taking ownership of the Hippotizer Boreal+ Media Server.
John-Dee Styles, who heads the creative team at Black Coffee, put the Hippotizer Boreal+ purchased from DWR Distribution to the test for the first time at the Globe Theatre, a new multi-purpose dome structured venue which forms part of the Suncoast Casino. The event was held to celebrate the casino’s new upgrade and renovation, a project that took two years to complete.
“We used our new Hippotizer Boreal+ with a backup system,” explains John-Dee. “We used 4 DVI outputs, two of which went to a double stack of 18K Barco projectors, for the main content. This was projected on a black gauze to create the clients desired effect.” The climax of the show saw a dancer performing behind the black gauze projection surface, interacting with the content on screen. The other two outputs were used for projection mapping onto giant balloons positioned on either side of the stage.
“The show went well but I have to admit it was nerve-wrecking getting to know the system and using it for the first time on a major show,” admits John-Dee. He adds that he was grateful to have Dylan Jones from DWR on site for technical support.
“Going down to help Black Coffee with their first Green Hippo show was an experience,” says Dylan Jones. “They did remarkably well, having just taken delivery of the system. John is extremely creative and I can’t wait to see what he will come up with next. Both he and Gerrie van Heerden, head of AV from Black Coffee attended training at DWR a few weeks prior to their show, and they took to the new platform effortlessly.”
The Hippotizer has since been on a variety of other productions. Dancing Divas of Indian Cinema, held at Sibaya’s iZulu Theatre at Sibaya Casino, was a challenge in regards to matching LED panels of different pixel pitch and make. The Black Coffee technical team got the aspects as close as possible, pretty quickly, and the show ran smoothly and looked great.
At the Toyota Supplier Award held at the Durban International Convention Centre, Black Coffee masked out shapes, circles and crescents, and a blended projection. The show ran with 48 video cues.
“Hippotizer Media Server is flexible and reliable for a demanding AV industry,” says John-Dee. “What I like most about the Hippotizer is the constant development and refreshing local support of the system.”
(Jim Evans)

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