BlacklineX Powered for Prague’s Klub Letka
Thursday, 23 January 2020
klub-letka-25Klub Letka hosts a programme of live theatre and music, movie nights and more (photo: Monika Hánová)
Czech Republic - Klub Letka, a multi-purpose venue in Prague, recently installed a Martin Audio BlacklineX powered system as it sets out to host a programme of live theatre and music, movie nights and more.
According to Jirka (Jiri) Hes, programme manager at the venue, the site was formerly a dedicated puppet theatre and later turned into a acting school theatre. “But we wanted to deliver a broader scope of performance and arts, including folk, alternative and jazz, to a wider public, so refurbishing the place and installing a professional sound system was essential.”
The BlacklineX Powered system, comprising four Blackline XP12 loudspeakers and a single Blackline XP118 subwoofer, fitted their budget and immediately exceeded their expectations.
They had been introduced to the platform by Larson Haakenstad, who has been assisting Martin Audio as a consultant, specifically on BlacklineX Powered.
Jiri, who can generally be found at the club’s sound and lighting controls, explains: “We were mostly looking for a sound system that would be able to provide good sound for both music and movie screening. We decided to go fully active and digital in order to save space and keep high operability of the whole system.”
He continues: “I love the richness of the sound as well as the system’s ability to clearly reproduce the entire frequency range, even when set up to a very quiet level. This nice, noiseless and clean sound in no way distorts when the gain levels are increased.
“Furthermore, it is very simple to set up and the whole system, paired with a Soundcraft ui16 digital mixer, is super easy and intuitive to use.”
Klub Letka co-owner Martin Martin Hřebačka. who is also responsible for the movie screenings, is also more than happy with Blackline XP, largely because of its versatility.
The system was supplied by Martin Audio’s Czech Republic distributor, Rock Centrum.
(Jim Evans)

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