BML-Blackbird lights Lockn’ Festival
Wednesday, 7 November 2018
lockn-festSet in the scenic foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Lockn' is a Grateful Dead-centric festival
USA - “Versatile, sexy, bold, and effective” is how BML-Blackbird’s lighting designer and director Chris Ragan describes his work at Lockn’ Festival, for which he used a combination of cyan, purple and amber lighting.
Ragan spec’d 34 Robe BMLF Spots, 38 Robe Spiiders, 24 Robe Mega Pointes, 14 Robe Color Strobes, 10 Mac Vipers, 26 Chauvet Rogue FxB, and 36 LED par - all provided by BML-Blackbird.
“I thought the Robe ColorStrobes were a powerful fixture. It was my first time using them and I was pretty impressed. And, of course the Mega Pointes are great for the amazing prism features,” says Ragan. “The BMFLS are great for powerful audience sweeps as they have the ability to cover a large concert field. I rely on the Mega Pointes to frame the stage along with their prisms while the Spiiders and colour strobes are used for wash and pixel tricks.”
This year, Ragan set out to use similar fixtures that he uses on the famed Dead & Company tour but with a branded festival look. The overhead trusses were Hard Edge infinity looking trusses with LED pars as toners that are a play on the Lockn’ logo.
Chris Ragan has been the lighting designer for the Lockn’ Festival for the past six years and shared that this year Robe sponsored a very chill space that they shared with Meyer Sound called the Roadie Lounge. “It was a great spot for traveling crews to connect and cool off. I hope Robe is back next year!”
(Jim Evans)

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