ChamSys expands Australian distribution network
Wednesday, 18 August 2021
chamsysaziz-adilkhodjaev-1Aziz Adilkhodjaev: “We have a very strong team in place”
Australia Working with its dealer, ULA Group, ChamSys has increased its presence in that market by naming Audio Visual Engineering Pty (AVE) as a distributor of its QuickQ line of consoles. The company’s MagicQ products will continue to be represented exclusively by the ULA Group, which will also continue to serve as a QuickQ distributor.
As a result of this move, ChamSys says it will be in ‘an optimal position to serve the entire spectrum of the lighting console market in Australia, from mobile entertainers and users focused on small and mid-sized functions, to those working at broadcast studios and major arena tours’.
“I’m excited to see AVE joining the ChamSys family,” said Aziz Adilkhodjaev, international sales and business development manager for ChamSys. “With their full focus only on QuickQ range, I’m confident, AVE will help us develop the market for this line even further. We look forward to working with them.”
At the same time, having the ULA Group continue to sell QuickQ products while also being the exclusive MagicQ distributor will allow ChamSys to build on the momentum the company has already established in the pro market. “We have a very strong team in place,” said Adilkhodjaev.

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