ChamSys in control in Thessaloniki
Thursday, 11 April 2019
antonisremosThe lightshow immersed the audience with a stunning display of 144 overhead light tubes
Greece - Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, has established itself as a leading entertainment centre in the eastern Mediterranean with a thriving nightclub scene, a highly regarded film festival, popular theatres and a seemingly never-ending schedule of live music concerts.
Indicative of the city’s current entertainment panache was the winter concert series at the Pyli A Performance Stage. A highlight of the series was a concert by multi-platinum contemporary Laïkó singer Antonis Remos. Supporting the star’s passionate performance was a majestic George Porros-designed lightshow that immersed the audience with a stunning display of 144 overhead light tubes.
Suspended over almost the entire stage and extending out over the audience stage left and stage right, the tubes created an impressive image. Constantly morphing into different configurations as different tubes were turned on and off, the overhead display changed the entire look of the stage to reflect different aspects of Remos’ music.
Kiriakos Dimitriadis of Audiotech controlled this overhead panorama with his ChamSys PC Wing and dual DMX. “We used the ChamSys for pixel mapping, and to control the tilt and intensity of the tubes,” said Dimitriadis. “I have been a ChamSys user for nine years. It is a very friendly tool that makes it easy to navigate my way around any show, even when I don’t have a lot of time to prepare, which was the case with this concert.
“The lightshow for Antonis Ramos was rather elaborate with a lot of different angles and patterns. For this concert, my ChamSys PC Wing helped me plot a lot of the fixtures and hold the focus. It also was very convenient in remote in terms of controlling fixture positions, which was important, since the designers gave this show a great many special looks. The MagicQ software was excellent for controlling the fixtures.”
Playing a key role in creating those engaging looks were the geometric patterns of beams and lasers (created by laser designer Tsitsanis Themis) that changed continuously, and often dramatically, throughout the show, giving the stage very different auras to reflect the wide emotional range of Remos’ music.
(Jim Evans)

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