Chauvet creates Light Halo on Dierks Bentley tour
Monday, 17 July 2017
dierks-bentleyThe Nashville-based star is currently riding atop the Billboard Hot Tours chart
USA - No sooner had country superstar Dierks Bentley kicked off his winter What The Hell tour, than he announced he would be extending his road show into the summer in order to reach more fans at outdoor venues. It was a wise move. The Arizona-born and Nashville-based star is currently riding atop the Billboard Hot Tours chart, playing to more than a half million fans this year. Supporting him every step of the way is a Chris Reade-designed lightshow that features 26 Chauvet Professional Nexus 4 x 4 panels supplied by Christie Lites.
Reade is flying 14 of the RGBW panels on diagonally-oriented truss structures that vary from roughly 12’ to 24’ in height. The remaining 12 Nexus units in Reade’s rig are underneath a B stage, located about 200’ from the main stage.
Arranged in a web-like pattern on the overhead truss, the mainstage Nexus panels form a matrix of light over the performers. “The panels create what I call a halo effect,” said Reade. “Basically the stage is surrounded by the Nexus units, so they give me coverage, regardless of what else is happening with the other fixtures. In this sense, they are the workhorses/ safety net of our rig; they give us more confidence to do different things.”
The light halo created with the Nexus panels also ensures good views of Bentley, one of the more animated live performers on the touring scene, as he jumps, swivels and runs across the stage in his trademark fashion. When they aren’t serving as a visual anchor, the fixtures help juice up the star’s harder rocking songs and party anthems like Drunk on a Plane with their vivid colours and intense output.
“We are getting some great eye candy from the Nexus,” said Reade. “We run the panels at full brightness and full DMX – and they really pop. They are lovely instruments. They look fantastic to the eye, in photos and in video. I'm very impressed with them.”
(Jim Evans)

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