Chauvet DJ lights Mai Mwamuka in Bulawayo
Thursday, 7 May 2020
mai-mwamuka2The designers were able to achieve clear, evenly balanced front lighting (photo: Sound Kalcha)
Zimbabwe - Supporting a performance by gospel singer Margaret Mwamuka at Zimbabwe’s F.O.G. Auditorium was a design that featured over 50 Chauvet DJ fixtures supplied by Audiosure of South Africa.
The owner of Sound Kalcha, Freeman Mugadza and Mandla Khabo a Bulawayo-based designer created flowing looks that achieved the delicate balance of engaging the live audience, while also providing an attractive background for the DVD that was being recorded at the venue.
Washing the stage with a wide palette of complimentary colours and texturizing it with gobos and crossing beam patterns, Mugadza reflected the moving power of his client’s music, without distracting from her charismatic stage presence. At the same time, he occasionally added bold specials to make the show come alive.
Key to helping Sound Kalcha achieve this design were the 20 SlimPAR T12 USB fixtures in the rig. Rigged overhead from upstage to downstage, the RGB LED washes filled a variety of roles during the concert. “We used them mainly to wash the stage with a variety of colours, but they also served us very well as dimmer effects and strobes,” says Mugadza. “The colours were really extraordinary, fitting for a world-class DVD show.”
Adding visual variety and texture to the stage for the camera and live audience were the six Intimidator 140SR fixtures in the rig. Flown on upstage truss, these high output moving fixtures were used for dramatic backlighting in addition to creating crisp gobos. Meanwhile, the rig’s other moving fixtures, four Intimidator 350 Beams, were used to create dynamic criss-crossing patterns and dramatic down lighting effects.
The designers were able to achieve clear, evenly balanced front lighting from the six EVE E-50Z fixtures in their rig. They positioned these LED ellipsoidal units from the venue’s balcony, relying on their zoom and framing shutters to obtain the desired throw distance, as well as for precise control of the projected beam. The warm white light from the EVE E50Z ensured that Mai Mwamuka and her backup choir, as well as the band, all looked natural on camera.
For Mugadza there were many “lighting highlights” of working this show for the gospel star. One that stands out was the dramatic beginning created with multi-coloured beams. “Our opening was amazing,” he adds. “We also were very pleased with how we were able to transition from one scene to the next.”

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