Chauvet enhances The Wedding Singer
Friday, 13 September 2019
weddingsinger2The Wedding Singer
USA - The Tony-nominated The Wedding Singer played Boca Raton’s Olympic Heights Performing Arts Centre this summer, with a lighting design by Clifford Spulock that featured Chauvet Professional fixtures.
“There are a lot of different emotions that go on in this show,” says Spulock. “It starts out with a massive party at a wedding. I light this with huge bump changes and big hits that play off the music. Light from my fixtures cut through the haze into the audience at this point to create a very immersive, energetic opening that encourages the audience to get up and dance to the music.”
Among the lights that Spulock had fun with were two Rogue R1X Spot fixtures that were positioned on the apron electric. Filling a variety of roles in the lighting design, the 170W LED fixtures were used for front light specials as well as to illuminate the mylar drop during party scenes. Drawing on their dual gobo wheels and 16° beam angle, Spulock also relied on the Rogue units for gobo breakups on stage, as well as for aerial effects.
Also key to Spulock’s design were the 12 COLORado Batten 144 Tour fixtures. These RGBWA linear lights were used to wash the stage in a range of colors to reflect the emotional peaks and valleys of Robbie’s journey. Half of the batten units were positioned on the stage apron, three stage left and three stage right, while the remainder were placed one apiece on three scaffolding positions.
“We had great results with the COLORados shooting up on each actor during the “Saturday Night in the City” scene,” adds Spulock. “The COLORados are a very versatile batten. There is a covered pit in this venue, so the lighting points were not designed for an apron of this size. We met this challenge very successfully and got the coverage we needed by using box booms - along with the help of the COLORados and my intern Michael Patella.”
(Jim Evans)

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