Chauvet lights Tourist LeMC to a T in Antwerp
Friday, 22 July 2022
belgiumTourist LeMC played two shows at the Lotto Arena
Belgium - Lighting and stage designer Maarten de Man of mdm productions utilised the power of the letter T for a pair of recent Lotto Arena shows in Antwerp by chart-topping Flemish stars Tourist LeMC. Dominating the stage’s backdrop, his T was not the formal straight-line sort found in grade school alphabet books, but a dynamic visual element, with a vertical component that spread its wings wide from its narrow base as it rose to meet its horizonal counterpart.
The resultant display commanded attention while projecting an air of excitement. Enhancing this effect was an intense lighting design that featured a collection of close to 80 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Splendit.
“I have been doing the light for Tourist LeMC for some years,” said de Man. “So, I am familiar with their vision. For this show that vision was to have the letter T serve as the core of the stage design. Our creative process started with the having the gigantic T on stage and then framing it with light.”
The vibrant T created by the design team contributed to a flowing narrative on stage as it presented an ever-changing succession of images on its LED video wall core. Sometimes it displayed IMAG images; at others it was used more as a lighting element, matching the colors created by the rest of the rig. Then there were moments when the vertical component disappeared, leaving only the horizontal bar to display images. The result was a panorama that reflected the bold style of this hip-hop superstar.
A total of 42 Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWashes, most of them positioned stage left and right, were used in the show. Joining them were 11 Maverick MK2 Spot and 11 Maverick MK2 Profile fixtures. Flown on three rows of overhead truss, these units were used to create crossing panels of light that played off against the colors and images shown on the T set piece. They also were called upon for specials and to highlight individual performers on stage.
Helping to connect those performers to the stage were 10 STRIKE 1 blinders, which were flown on the highest level of truss and used for audience lighting.

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