Chauvet reflects universal sound of Zoé
Thursday, 23 June 2022
zoe-1Reflecting the mood of the music is a balanced and intricately layered Tony Pérez lighting design
Mexico - Zoé won a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock Urban Alternative Album in 2019. Although the honour was well-deserved, it told only part of this dynamic quintet’s story. The band from Cuernavaca defies easy classification, as they weave an array of global influences into their distinct sound.
Inspired by Brit Pop and Seattle grunge, Zoé has continuously refined their music since the group formed in the mid ‘90s, bringing in synth pop and psychedelic elements to create a rich mix of songs.
The band’s current Unplugged tour will include a stop at Dodger Stadium in December. Reflecting the mood of the music is a balanced and intricately layered Tony Pérez lighting design that features 42 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Meridian Pro Audio company.
Playing his design off against a large video wall, Pérez showers the stage with light from his Maverick spot and wash fixtures that changes colours and angles to reflect the jangle-like flow of his client’s music. Crossing wash and spot patterns over each other, he gives the stage a pleasant textured quality that engages audiences. Further strengthening the connection between the band and its fans, he lights the crowd with 18 STRIKE4 blinders.
"The lighting design arose from a set of ideas and general needs that had to be covered, through my conversations with Gabriel Cruz, Rodrigo Guardiola," says Pérez, who has been designing shows for three decades and has been the designer for Zoé since 2016. "In general, the video and the lighting help to generate different sensations at different moments of the show."
For this tour, Pérez, specified 20 Maverick MK2 Spot, 16 Maverick MK3 Wash, and 16 Strike 4 fixtures as well as three and Net-X units. He positions 12 of the spots on the front truss, uses them for specials on each musician as well as for general washing. The eight other spot fixtures are placed on the floor just below the screen and behind all the musicians to provide back lighting and gobo effects.
“For me it is very important to acknowledge and thank the great work and support of the entire Zoé crew, the Meridian Pro Audio Staff and especially the help of two great friends, German Sevillano, production manager of Zoé and Ismael Zavaleta,” concludes Pérez.

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