Chauvet unleashed on Kayzo’s virtual tour
Monday, 15 June 2020
kayzoThe lightshow featured Maverick MK3 Wash fixtures
USA - Anticipation was high for Kayzo’s Unleashed Tour when it was announced in January. Scheduled to begin 27 March in Denver with stops across the USA, before wrapping up 9 May in Seattle, the tour represented the next step in the former Insomniac Discovery Project winner’s impressive musical ascent.
Then, the COVID-19 outbreak brought plans for the tour to a halt, just as it was about to begin. But Kayzo refused to allow a pandemic to box him in. Determined to reach fans despite the lockdown, he teamed up with 4Wall Entertainment to livestream the Unleashed Tour.
Reflecting the intensity of the star’s two-hour performance, which was hosted by Insomniac, was a 16-universe Dallas Gasper-designed lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Wash fixtures and Cloud 9 low lying foggers.
“Our team was gearing up to start this tour when the entire industry had to go into shutdown,” recalled Gasper. “Instead of postponing the project we decided to build a version of the touring rig and live stream it for the fans at home from our warehouse in LA.”
Although the livestreamed show didn’t have the full complement of musicians, that was planned for the live tour, it held nothing back in the way of complexity or excitement, mixing a compelling blend of old school looks with modern touches, and weaving in drumming segments, while still keeping focus on the DJ star.
Adding depth and texture to the design were the eight Maverick MK Washes in Gasper’s rig. He arranged the RGBW moving fixtures in a V-shaped pattern around the drummer, relying on their wide zoom angle to change the coverage area on the stage at different points in the show. The Maverick fixtures were also used as key lights and for eye candy effects.
“The amazing output and colour mixing ability of the MK3’s also served as a way to highlight the Cloud 9 low lying foggers,” said Gasper, who had two of the foggers in his rig . “The Cloud9 foggers were a helpful addition to the rig. They created added atmosphere that really enhanced the aesthetics of the show, especially when worked with the MK3s.”
(Jim Evans)

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