Chili Peppers brighten venues worldwide with Solaris
Monday, 20 March 2017
red-hot-2The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ lighting rig features the Solaris Flare
World - In a bid for the title “The hardest working band in show biz”, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have 52 dates booked for The Getaway tour across the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. Such a rigorous schedule requires rugged and reliable lighting fixtures, which is one of the reasons why the tour’s lighting rig features the Solaris Flare.
“We have 22 Flares arrayed on moving torms across the backline, 11 of them with two Flares each,” says the tour’s programmer Leif Dixon. “The Flares are great because they’re bright, bright, and bright! We also use four more on the deck as shin-busters. They don’t get as hot as conventional lights, which can be disappointing if you’re looking to heat up tacos like we used to do with the old-fashioned lights.”
Dixon adds, “The Flares are also extremely reliable. We love that they can just be on for long durations and don’t time out like a traditional strobe. And another thing we like about them – they’re bright! It’s great that they are so multifunctional and we can control strobe and wash features independently.
“This is the first time we’ve used Flares in a design and they’ve proven themselves beyond our expectations. We will absolutely continue to spec them!”
Lighting for the tour is provided by Premier Global Production of Nashville. Lighting design is by Scott Holthaus. Programmers are Leif Dixon and Zach Peletz; Narci Martinez is the production manager; lighting crew chief is Jason Henry; Lighting techs are Cort Lawrence, Greg Nunz, Ryan Sclavi, and Mark “Paint” Liatos.
(Jim Evans)

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