City Theatrical’s wireless DMX on Broadway
Friday, 19 July 2019
jewelle-blackman-kay-trinidad-and-yvette-gonzalez-nacer-in-hadestown-photo-by-matthew-murphyHadestown on Broadway
USA - City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology is currently being used to provide DMX data at eight-time Tony Award winning Broadway show Hadestown.
Selected for its ability to communicate DMX data wirelessly in the 900MHz band at a distance of up to 300ft indoors, Multiverse Transmitters, in combination with Multiverse Nodes operating on a SHoW DMX Neo SHoW ID, broadcast DMX data to QolorFLEX Dimmers that provide dimming control for battery powered headlamps used for the show’s daily performances, as well as in the company’s 2019 Tony Awards performance at Radio City Music Hall.
“Getting set up with Multiverse wireless DMX was unbelievably good,” says Justin Freeman, production electrician for Hadestown. “Communication with City Theatrical never stopped. If things changed, Multiverse changed with us. It has been very successful for our show.”
Recently recognised as the winner of the Live Design Award for Best Debuting Product in the Lighting Accessories and Integration category at LDI 2018, the Multiverse Transmitter 900MHz/2.4GHz (P/N 5910) model can broadcast as many as nine universes of DMX data (licensed for use in North America) from a single transmitter, while producing less radio energy than present-day single universe systems.
The Multiverse Transmitter 2.4GHz (P/N 5911) model can be used to broadcast up to 10 universes of DMX data from a single transmitter anywhere in the world.
(Jim Evans)

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