Clair’s kiTCurve reinforces Gold Coast theatre
Wednesday, 4 March 2020
clairbrothersjnoosaThe J Theatre is a multi-use auditorium and theatre space
Australia - The J Noosa opened its doors in October 2006 and quickly became a functionally and versatile youth and commercial event space for the Noosa Community and the Sunshine Coast. Positioned in the heart of Noosa, The J offers flexible meeting spaces, conference rooms and facilities for hire, complimented by covered outdoor decks and stylish open foyers.
The centre’s J Theatre, a multi-use auditorium and theatre space has installed a Clair Brothers kiTCurve12 system.
The project was commissioned and designed by Wayne Grosser, Clair Brothers’ expert audio consultant in Australia, who worked directly with preferred integrator Jason Howley from Distinct Audio & Production for the install.
The complete upgraded system in the theatre’s 338-seat main floor and its 64-seat mezzanine section consists of four kiTCurve12s on the left and four on the right as mains, two CS218 floor subs, four 5CX front-fills and two FF2-HX as delays for the mezzanine. The recent addition of another mezzanine seating area made the upgrade to that section readily apparent, because while the sound from the old PA was able to reach the mezzanine, coverage was poor, so reinforcement was required.
According to Guy Harrison, technical manager for The J, the new gear has definitely helped in a big way. “There had never been adequate audio coverage for the front rows,” says Harrison, “so installing the four 5CX’s as front fills massively improved this area. The mezzanine also was poorly covered and the two FF2-HX as delays have also sorted that problem out quite well.”
Room aesthetics were a large part of the overall equation in the theatre, which meant that achieving optimal room coverage using the four kiTCurve12 boxes per side was the goal.
Harrison continues: “Being that the venue is a theatre, massive hangs seem out of place in my opinion. When we have a musical or stage play, the idea is that the PA should disappear - a hard sell when you’ve got six or eight boxes hanging on each side. On the flip side of that, however, when we have a rock show, I get our lighting guy to light the PA so it has a slightly ominous look. It’s very Spinal Tap!”
(Jim Evans)

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