Clair Solutions delivers for Calvary Church
Monday, 20 May 2019
calvarychurchCalvary Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
USA - Calvary Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a non-denominational house of worship with a lot of heart and room for nearly 2,800 congregants. Although Calvary Church’s services involve all of the elements of a contemporary approach, including high-definition IMAG, a live band, and online streaming, it takes a softer approach and blends plenty of traditional elements as well, including a choir and orchestra.
As one of the largest venues in the area, Calvary Church also opens its doors to outside groups and events, such as local high school graduations and (mostly Christian) concerts. Because of Clair Solutions’ staff’s expertise and cheerful willingness to provide helpful demos, the company has been Calvary Church’s preferred AVL integration firm for over a decade and helped pilot the church through its most recent – and most significant – technology upgrades.
“The philosophy of Calvary Church is that anyone from age 1 to 101 should feel welcomed and engaged in its services and community,” explained Bill Simmons, senior lighting designer with Clair Solutions. “They want to be inclusive of all the demographics. That said, they toe a trickier line with regard to technology; just enough, but not too much. As a result, the staff members at Calvary Church don’t jump into anything that they don’t already fully understand. At Clair Solutions, we respect where they’re coming from and are happy to provide an abundance of models and on-site demonstrations so that they can feel confident in all of the decisions they make.”
Danny Olah, video system designer with Clair Solutions, agreed, “The folks at Calvary are methodical. They like a thorough run-down of all their options and then a demo of the top few.” Olah oversaw the design and installation of Calvary Church’s impressive ‘Communications Wall,’ which uses over 20 screens in the church’s lobby to convey events, missions, information, and general announcements for parishioners and community members.
The latest round of renovations at Calvary Church centred on the main auditorium and involved big audio and video upgrades, along with more modest improvements to the lighting that were strategically optimized to support the quality of video capture. “The old sound reinforcement system was about 25 years old,” explained Joe Holcomb, project manager with Clair Solutions. “There were missing and dysfunctional pieces, along with loudspeakers aimed in a variety of less-than-ideal directions.” Clair Solutions called on sister company Clair Brothers to source a gently used Clair Global i-3 line array along with Clair Brothers FF2s, kiTCurve12s, and CS218 subwoofers powered by Lab.gruppen multichannel amplifiers with integrated Lake processing.
Phil Spreadbury, technical arts director at Calvary Church, enthusiastically shared, “Our experience with Clair Solutions over the last decade has been nothing short of fantastic. Their customer service is second to none.”
(Jim Evans)

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