Claypaky introduces HY B-EYE
Wednesday, 13 March 2019
hy-b-eye-k15The K15 version is more suitable for small stages
Europe - Claypaky has introduced the HY B-EYE, the latest development in the B-EYE range, with the same successful features, which have been enhanced and further enriched: the HY B-EYE is more powerful, more efficient, more interactive with the media server (Kling-Net protocol included), more versatile and ‘quieter than ever’, says the company.
The HY B-EYE has 40watt Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs. They are twice as powerful as the LEDs found in the original B-EYE. The HY B-EYE is extremely bright thanks to the combined effect of its light source and its special optical unit, which was designed by Claypaky and optimised to make the most of the power of the LEDs.
This is the first Claypaky light to be developed with Kling-Net protocol built-in. Kling-Net is an advanced plug-and-play control protocol developed by the digital media specialists ArKaos. The benefits of using Kling-Net are all aimed at enhancing the lighting designer's creativity, while making the management and synchronization of LED light parameters and functions more simple.
The HY B-EYE K25 has the same dimensions as its predecessor, and weighs only 27.5 kg (60.63 lb). The K15 version, more suitable for small stages, is only 49 cm high (19.29 inches) and weighs only 21 kg (46.3 lb).
(Jim Evans)

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