Claypaky launches virtual showroom
Tuesday, 14 July 2020
claypakyvb3Claypaky's virtual showroom features several themed areas
Europe - Owing to the cancellation of numerous tradeshows and industry events around the globe and current travel restrictions, Claypaky is offering an alternative channel to promote its new products - the Claypaky Virtual Booth (
On show are new Claypaky products placed inside themed areas. For each product, visitors can watch a demo video, download a datasheet leaflet, rotate a 3D model over 360°, and request further information.
Featured products include the following . . .
With its custom designed 1200-Watt white LED engine, the new Arolla Profile HP is one of the most powerful LED Profile moving heads on the market. The LED engine produces 44,000 lumens and the fixture’s beam is flat and uniform, making projections crisp and colours rich. Designed to meet the size needs, this fixture boasts a very comprehensive assortment of features and offers an unmatched performance/price ratio.
The Axcor Profile 600 Teatro is a special version of the Axcor Profile 600 ST that features an updated cooling system and mechanisms to significantly reduce the unit’s acoustical footprint. Available in two different CRI versions, this fixture is ideal for applications where noise is a concern in venues such as theatres, television studios, opera houses, conference halls, and more.
The HY B-EYE K25 Teatro is a version of the HY B-EYE K25, that is designed for venues that need silent operation without sacrificing bright colours. The HY B-EYE K25 Teatro has all the same optical, electronic, and mechanical features of the HY B-EYE K25 with changes in the overall design to reduce the acoustical footprint.
Powered by 16 Osram 40W RGBW LEDs, the Tambora Batten allows dynamic control of each LED for pixel mapping effects. Users can control each LED’s colour, dimming, and strobe rates individually or in unison. Several bars may be arranged seamlessly in a line or in a matrix maintaining the distance between the LEDs between different fixtures for uniform appearance to the sides and top/bottom.
The MIDI-B is a new LED-based moving head luminaire with 19 Osram 40-Watt RGBW LEDs, the same ones used in the popular HY B-EYE and MINI-B fixtures. Its zoom range of 4° to 50° allows for a wide variety of applications. MINI-B PARLED Aqua is a static version of the recently introduced MINI-B that is IP65 rated. This fixture is compact and lightweight and complimentary to the MINI-B and MIDI-B fixtures in optical performance and colour consistency.
Xtylos is an innovative, compact beam moving light making use of a tailor-made laser source. It features an RGB additive colour mixing, where coloured light beams are as bright as a white light beam. The Xtylos is the first moving head light with a laser light source, and this opens up new, surprising prospects for the development of the entire entertainment lighting world.
Designed in the spirit of the Sharpy Plus platform, the Sharpy Plus Aqua luminaire is an IP65-rated moving head fixture perfect for outdoor events, touring, permanent installations, cruise ships, and much more.
Reflectxion is a moving mirror offering 540° PAN and unique, continuous TILT movement at adjustable speeds. The ReflectXion’s mirror is the same on both sides, giving you two highly reflective surfaces with which to direct light beams. CLOUDIO is an IoT device which provides technicians with complete diagnostics for Claypaky fixtures.
When the lights run checks after use, the unit collects data on hours of lamp life of each fixture, the conditions of various components in the units and update firmware, simply by connecting to the cloud.
(Jim Evans)

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