Claypaky lights up the future at PL+S 2018
Friday, 20 April 2018
claypaky-adb-plsoverviewClaypaky and ADB introduced a number of new lines at Frankfurt
Germany - Claypaky presented a new concept in theme booths as it introduced its stage lighting products at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt.
The Claypaky booth concept was based on three theme showrooms. Demos were performed in each one by alternating lighting techniques with evocative visual effects, creating an absorbing multimedia mix enjoyed by the almost 3,000 visitors who came to the showrooms over the four days.
"We saw enormous interest," comments CEO Pio Nahum and marketing manager Davide Barbetta. "The theme itinerary through the three showrooms worked in a continuous cycle, yet there were visitors waiting to enter at every time of day, and their numbers even increased on the last days. We think word got round of a highly detailed demo, put together by our technical team consisting of Claypaky's lighting designers, Marco Zucchinali and Giulia Sabeva, and visual design experts."
Making its international debut at the show was the Zac-Eye, a stand-alone followspot that uses artificial intelligence: the movements of Claypaky lights are controlled automatically by a device that connects to them via Ethernet. Its 3D optical sensor detects all the objects on stage, and a sophisticated algorithm distinguishes human shapes from the rest of the surroundings. In this way, it is possible to follow up to 4 actors on stage independently and automatically with any Claypaky light.
The Axcor 300 family of ultra-compact LED moving heads was presented for the first time at PL+S.
There was also great interest in the début of the HEPIKOS, an innovative Claypaky beam-wash light, which houses all the most highly advanced optical, mechanical and electronic technology available today in a compact body. It is built around a 440W Osram discharge lamp, and is a complement to Mythos / Mythos 2 units on stage.
The Axcor Profile 900 is a beam-shaping spotlight which uses a white LED engine with very high light output. It has a total power consumption of almost 900 watts and luminous flux of 46,000 lumens.
The K-EYE HCR is a LED wash light which gives you total control over all forms of white and coloured light. The new HCR technology used in the K-EYE is an exclusive electronic platform developed by Claypaky in conjunction with Osram.
During the annual Claypaky Distributor Meeting, the usual Ambassador of Light Awards were held. They were presented to the Claypaky distributors who stood out during 2017. The winners were Interlite (Sweden), Claypaky Italia (Italy), ACT Lighting (USA), Ace (China), Marbo Trade (Romania) and Dimatec (France).
Alberico D’Amato, Claypaky sales director, said: "We are happy to have outstanding partners we can count on all over the world. With these awards, Claypaky aims to acknowledge not only the most efficient partners in terms of sales, but also those who have distinguished themselves on their markets for the quality of the commercial and marketing actions they have undertaken to promote our brand with professionalism and a sense of belonging."
ADB took part in Prolight+Sound 2018, where the Italo-French company presented many new products.
Simone Capeleto, ADB's CEO, comments: "After an inevitable initial period of adjustment following the takeover by Osram and Claypaky, we are finally ready to play all our cards on the international market. As many as eight new lights and tools for stage lighting made their début in Frankfurt, and we plan to further expand the lines shortly."
The whole ADB team was in Frankfurt, with expert technicians available for each of the sectors ADB works in: lights for theatrical lighting, lighting control units, lighting software, and dimming systems.
(Jim Evans)

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