ClearOne in Stony Brook University upgrade
Wednesday, 8 August 2018
clear-oneThe new-look conference room at New York’s Stony Brook University
USA - New York’s Stony Brook University upgraded the communication system at the school’s Computer Science’s conference room and has also added a video wall to the department’s main lobby.
John Schappert of Adwar Video turned to ClearOne, opting for a solution based on the company’s Beamforming Microphone Array 2.
Peter Ruland, associate director of operations for Stony Brook’s Department of Computer Science, says: “Academics are not big fans of lapel microphones, as they tend to stand up and move around to talk. One of the challenges in this conference room was that we were having a hard time capturing people’s voices and leveraging the echo cancellation during the video conferencing of our lectures because of the old setup we had.”
Schappert explains: “The audio pickup with the Beamforming Microphone Array 2 is super clear. For a large conference room, with the nature of presentations, with presenters walking around, the 24 microphone elements move the pickup to the participants and reject unwanted noise. These were precisely the issues the department wanted to correct.”
To upgrade the video conferencing capability in some of the Science Department’s smaller to mid-size conference rooms, Ruland was also pleased with Schappert’s choice to install ClearOne’s Unite 200 PTZ cameras.
“We had several ClearOne Unite 200 PTZ cameras installed in some of our other conference rooms,” Ruland adds. “This was great as instead of having to use a hard video codec for video conferencing, these cameras let the user, because they have a USB interface, use Skype, Hangouts or Webex - anything they want really. Again, very flexible and allows us to give users choices.”
“For the video wall we used the ClearOne VIEW Pro Encoder E120 and VIEW Pro Decoder D210,” Schappert says. “They provide such a simple, install-ready set up that delivers excellent video quality as well. Stony Brook wanted this done quickly and we were able to easily meet that demand.”
(Jim Evans)

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