CLF expands Poseidon series with Wash XL
Tuesday, 11 January 2022
clfposeidonwashxldetail1The Poseidon Wash XL is a powerful and versatile IP65 rated wash fixture
Europe - CLF has expanded the Poseidon series, designed specifically for outdoor use, with a wash luminaire. The Wash XL joins the Hybrid and Beam and is in line with CLF Lighting's focus on IP65.
The Poseidon Wash XL is a powerful and versatile IP65 rated wash fixture, offering smooth projections, intense beams and eye-candy effects. Powered by 19 individually controllable RGBW LEDs, the fixture comes with a wide zoom, ranging from 4.5° to 60°. Protected against moisture and dirt, Poseidon Wash XL is suitable for most indoor or outdoor applications.
Some innovative features have been implemented to complement the existing wash characteristics. The rotatable front lens provides kaleidoscopic effects and an extra RGB LED ring can be used for stunning visual effects. All LEDs can be controlled manually, but the on-board macro engine can also be used to create complex effects easily. Use the beam mode for razor-sharp, pixelated beam effects.
The elegantly shaped housing is equipped with special motors that enable fast and precise pan and tilt movements. Additionally, the sophisticated body eliminates dust in the optical path and is easy to service. A bright LCD display provides easy access to on-board settings, even in sunny environments.

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