Coda selected for Liverpool Eventim Olympia
Wednesday, 5 December 2018
adlib-liverpool-eventim-olympia-22Eventim Olympia is ooperated by VMS (photo: Steve Sroka)
UK - Specialist music venue company VMS Live appointed technical production specialist Adlib to provide a new audio and lighting design and installation in the popular 1900 capacity Eventim Olympia in Liverpool, UK, one of the high profile live music sites that VMS operates.
This project was led by VMS’s MD Steve Forster and Adlib’s Andy Dockerty who in turn enlisted the knowledge and practical expertise of two of Adlib’s most experienced engineers - Ian Nelson (audio) and Stuart Gray (lighting), choosing a Coda PA and a Chauvet moving light rig.
The general goal was to provide tour-grade in-house production options for visiting artists both in terms of practicality and creative scope, so they can avoid the expense and hassle of bringing in their full productions.
The auditorium was originally constructed in 1905 – designed by legendary theatrical architect Frank Mitcham as a purpose-built indoor circus and variety theatre – with many original features still in place. It comprises a stalls area in front of the stage and two balcony levels. The middle balcony has a bar to the rear and a thin viewing envelope to the stage.
The major audio requirement was to provides a sonic experience to satisfy top level touring artists, offering a viable and attractive alternative to bringing in their own systems. The system design also had to be flexible enough to cater for the many in-the-round scenarios – including sporting and dance events – hosted by the venue.
Having mapped and modelled the space utilising these new flying points, the Adlib team proposed a Coda LA12 system.
Sixteen Coda LA12 line array speakers make up the two left and right hangs, and cover the main room, the front three rows of the first balcony and the upper balcony positions perfectly.
For the challenging middle/rear area of the first balcony, four Coda ViRAY cabinets, two a-side in delay positions, are located at the rear of an unused royal box.
Eight Coda SC8 cardioid sensor-controlled sub-bass units are positioned to the left and right of the stage, pumping out as much low-end energy as possible into the auditorium. Rigged on a heavy-duty wheel boards, they can be easily redeployed to another location, again giving the flexibility required for any in-the-round sporting events.
A pair of ViRAY speakers provide in-fills, and the entire system driven by the Coda Linus Con DSP platform and C10 amplifiers. At front of house, a Soundcraft Vi3000 console was chosen.
The monitor system is made up from 12 x Adlib Audio AA MP5 wedge monitors and an Adlib AA 215 drum sub – a popular and cost-efficient choice for venues like this, all driven by Linea Research 44M amps. The monitor console is a Soundcraft Vi1.
A full complement of touring specification microphones, DI’s and stands was an integral part of the Adlib package.
The moving light fixtures are all Chauvet, with 10 x Rogue R2X Spots and 14 x R2 Washes, all rigged on the over-stage trusses for specials, wash lighting as well as effects.
Six ETC Source Four 15/30 zoom profiles on the front truss provide key lighting and two Unique hazers ramp up the atmosphere and smoke effects, all controlled from an Avolites Tiger Touch II desk utilising the existing house multicore.
An Avolites ART2000 T4 rack is used for all power and dimmer distribution, which Adlib installed in the roof to further optimise the stage wing space.
(Jim Evans)

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