Community for 25 Nights of Northern Lights
Wednesday, 16 January 2019
25-nights-of-northern-lightsA 50ft tall pixel-mapped Christmas tree forms the focal point of the festival
USA - BayPort Credit Union’s 25 Nights of Northern Lights is an annual holiday event held from 1 to 25 December in the City Centre at Oyster Point in Newport News, Virginia. Situated by the lakeside with its 400ft fountain, a 50ft tall pixel-mapped Christmas tree forms the focal point of the festival which includes seasonal events, vendors and street performers as well as a light show that is tied to the tree and includes elements surrounding the fountain.
The sound system for the 2018 festival was designed and supplied by Washington Professional, a full service AV systems integration specialist. Designed by Austin Wydrzynski of Washington Professional, with installation by RWS Entertainment, the loudspeaker system was installed inside the Christmas tree to provide sound reinforcement for the synchronized light show.
The system designed by Wydrzynski employed Community’s new IV6 weather-resistant modular vertical arrays. The system had two arrays, each comprising four IV6-1122 wide-dispersion 12-inch two-way array elements and two IV6-118S 18-inch subwoofers.
Wydrzynski explains: “I chose these cabinets for their natural voicing. I spoke with Perry D'Angelo from Community’s rep company, SKMac, when these boxes were first announced. I then had the opportunity to hear them at InfoComm in Vegas this summer and have been very impressed ever since. In addition, their weather rating and price point were essential to this project. Right out of the box, with the FIR filters for Q-Sys provided by Community’s TAG Team (Technical Applications Group), these boxes sounded great.”
Wydrzynski continues: “We used QSC Core 110F DSP and CXD4.5 amplifiers. The source content was provided by the S4 Show HQ, which is the system that drove the pixel mapping for the tree itself.”
With a successful festival completed, Wydrzynski concludes: “The client was very satisfied. They were concerned at first as they know the highly reflective area has been a challenge in the past. I worked with the city staff to ensure they were completely happy with the coverage and overall sonic quality of the system.”
(Jim Evans)

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