Shure expands partnership programme
Friday, 10 February 2017

Europe - Shure Incorporated has announced a number of additions to its partnership programme, which provide an expanded level of integration between Shure wired and wireless audio systems and other leading AV hardware and software. Shure now has formed partnerships with Cisco, Crestron, Polycom, Biamp, QSC, Symetrix, Yamaha, Audinate, Chief and others.
The partnership programme ranges from information for system integrators, such as configuration and setup guides that ensure optimum performance, to embedded plug-ins that provide native control and audio integration. The goal is to communicate that Shure audio products like Microflex Advance and Microflex Wireless have been tested and are compatible with popular downstream equipment. This reduces setup and configuration time for system integrators and administrators and streamlines the workflow involved in using the completed system.
“It’s not just about how well products work; it’s about how well products work together,” said Chad Wiggins, senior category director for networked systems at Shure. “The goal of our partnership program is to enhance the ‘Five Cs’ -- connectivity, control, customization, confidence, and convenience – for our customers.
“Our success in the marketplace depends more than ever on how easy it is to use Shure products with other brands and other types of products. That’s why it’s critical that we continue to form partnerships with other significant companies in the AV industry.”
(Jim Evans)

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