ISE 2018: Lawo focus on IP signal processing
Wednesday, 24 January 2018
lawopowercoreThe Power Core Audio Processor
The Netherlands - At ISE 2018 Stand 7.P-200, German manufacturer Lawo will focus on its IP-based signal processing and control solutions, namely the Power Core Audio Processor, the VisTool GUI Builder and the VSM control and monitoring solution.
The Power Core is a networked 19”/1RU Audio Processing Unit with unprecedented processing capacity providing 96 fully equipped DSP channels, 80 summing busses and a 1,920x1,920 routing matrix. The eight rear side slots accept any variety of IO cards for Mic, Line, AES, MADI and headphone interfaces in addition the unit’s IP and MADI connectivity. Besides standard audio processing like dynamics and EQs, Power Core also features advanced audio assist systems like one-touch AutoGain and 32 instances of AutoMix for automatically maintaining the balance of open mics.
The included touch-screen software VisTool allows for routing, mixing, processing and integration of 3rd party web interfaces in an intuitive and customizable graphical user interface. Alternatively, Power Core can be paired with ruby hardware audio mixing panels with 4-60 faders per unit. The PowerCore’s DSP resources are sufficient to drive multi-room installations.
When it comes to controlling large multi-vendor installations, Lawo’s VSM IP control and monitoring solution comes into play. The system abstracts the physical units from the user providing a single overall control solution featuring seamless baseband & IP integration, the broadest 3rd-party control capabilities (incl. broadcast and AV equipment), and an intuitive operational user interface which includes labelled hardware push-button panels and customizable touch-screen GUIs. VSM includes a powerful logic engine and is fully adaptable to individual workflows.
Lawo’s processing and control solutions are successfully utilised on leading cruise ships, theatres, corporate conference rooms, parliaments and other applications, where broadcast-grade reliability is a factor.
(Jim Evans)

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