Chauvet Professional adds to Rogue series
Friday, 2 March 2018
rogue1x2x“Roadworthy fixtures within reach of the average budget”
USA - Chauvet Professional has added two new fixtures to its Rogue series of moving fixtures - the 300W LED Rogue R2X Spot and the 170W LED Rogue R1X Spot.
The fixtures s are designed to be compact and affordable, with “intense output and rich collection of features” says the company.
Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet, comments: “The R2X and R1X both are true to the Rogue spirit of putting rugged, roadworthy fixtures within reach of the average budget. However, we stepped things up with the Rogue R2X and Rogue R1X, so our customers can add extra punch to their shows even at larger venues.”
In addition to their output of 11,000lm for the R2X Spot and 6700 lumens for the R1X Spot, both fixtures offer a range of performance features. The R2X Spot has a 16.5° beam angle, two variable scrolling colour wheels with seven colours and split colour capability, as well as a 3-facet prism and smooth gobo morphing between its dual gobo wheels.
The Rogue R1X Spot has a motorised iris and focus for beam shaping, 16° beam angle for crisp gobo projections and a colour wheel that features eight colours, split colour ability, and continuous variable-speed scrolling. Adding to its versatility are its dual gobo wheels with seven interchangeable gobos, as well as its 3-facet prism for stunning aerial effects and 16-bit dimming for smooth fades.
Both fixtures are RDM enabled for remote addressing and trouble-shooting, and both feature: Neutrik powerCON power input/output connections for power linking; simple and complex DMX channel profiles for programming versatility; 3- and 5-pin DMX input/output connections; and selectable PWM settings for flicker-free operation on camera.
(Jim Evans)

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