Lightconverse Tools adds new functionalities
Friday, 9 March 2018
lctools2018LC Tools 2018 is compatible with Lightconverse 3D Show Platform
World - The 2018 version of Lightconverse Tools offers new features to the software, which is a specialised 3D design programme focused on stage design of all types and sizes.
LC Tools 2018 is compatible with Lightconverse 3D Show Platform as projects built in LC Tools can be directly imported.
From theatre spaces, corporate events and TV studios, to rock tours and awards shows, the software offers design, documentation and inventory options to quickly and effectively build shows from the ground up while decreasing the time and material expenses of implementation. It also can be thought of as an advanced paperwork platform which compliments Lightconverse 3D Show Platform.
The new functionalities for LC Tools 2018 include: Imported images duplications (supported formats: JPG, PNG); Import AutoCAD files, in addition to other types; Flip command (Fixture arrangement mirroring function); Fixture Collisions information and Fixture Autopatch function Lightconverse Tools is intended for use by many types of companies and individuals working in the entertainment industry, including equipment rental, sales, production, show development and event companies, theatres and TV studios, equipment manufacturers and more.

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