Elation launches Seven PAR IP series
Thursday, 17 May 2018
seven-par-ip-seriesThe Elation Seven PAR IP uses the latest seven-colour multi-chip LED technology
USA - With the launch of Elation Professional’s new line of SEVEN PAR IP colour changers, lighting designers have access to a wider spectrum of colour options to paint stages, sets, scrims and scenery in high-impact coloured or high-quality white light. Building on the success of the SixPar series of colour-changing LED PAR lights, the Elation Seven PAR IP uses the latest seven-colour multi-chip LED technology to give a more flexible colour wash solution.
Available is the Seven PAR 7IP and Seven PAR 19IP with seven and 19 LEDs respectively. Seven PAR IP fixtures spread light at a 25-degree angle and produce nearly 80% more lumens versus comparably sized SixPar series fixtures.
Useful for production applications or installations as a wash light, uplight, wall wash, truss warmer and more, Seven PAR IP fixtures are wrapped in a newly designed IP65-rated dust and waterproof design for use indoors or out. The updated rugged die-cast aluminium case design provides improved thermal control and heat management, ensuring stable, improved performance and extending the fixtures’ lifetime.
All fixtures in the Seven PAR IP series are fully dimmable down to 0% and a selection of variable dimming curves is provided for faster programming. A selection of colour macros, speed and fade control programs, as well as strobe effect options (1-18fps) add to their versatility. An optional gel frame and barn door accessory are also available.
(Jim Evans)

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