ARX ISO Balancer VCs at Montreux Festival
Tuesday, 17 July 2018
iso-balancer-vcThe ISO Balancer VC’s were used primarily for straightforward volume adjustment
Switzerland - Geneva-based event production company Skynight SA chose six pieces of the ARX Systems ISO Balancer VC as part of an extensive AV setup at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July. Supplied to Skynight by Tonspur AG, the Swiss distributor for ARX Systems, the ISO Balancer VC’s were used primarily for straightforward volume adjustment.
Eddy Broquet from Tonspur comments: “At certain places within the festival there are some TV screens with a live feed from the concert. Yvan Barone (Skynight project manager for the Montreux Jazz Festival) was looking for something of high quality that was easy to use to adjust the audio volume in these areas. As it can be the waiter of the bar in charge of the volume he really wanted to avoid putting in a small mixing console. As Skynight already use the ARX USB-DI they asked if ARX had a product that might fit their demand and the obvious choice was the ISO Balancer VC.”
Designed as a solution for any consumer to pro interfacing and level setting issues, the dual channel ISO Balancer VC converts stereo unbalanced low impedance audio signals to stereo balanced, low impedance signals that are suitable for use with professional equipment and long cable runs.
(Jim Evans)

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