Robe on board for Keith Urban Graffiti U tour
Tuesday, 7 August 2018
robe-keith-urban-ku-8Keith Urban’s Graffiti U tour has just started in the U.S (photo: Jack Gallagher/FragmentNine)
USA - Jeremy Lechterman and Jackson Gallagher of creative visual design firm FragmentNine are the imaginative wizardry behind the production design for Keith Urban’s Graffiti U tour which has just commenced in the US. The album of the same name is enjoying critical and commercial success, and the architecture of the stage design brings a modern visual twist for Urban’s diverse fanbase.
Various Robe products are incorporated into the lighting rig including BMFL Spots, BMFL WashBeams, and Cyc FX 8s.
It is the first time that FragmentNine – known for their flair and imagination – are working with Urban and his team. Talks started about a year ago with reference to the upcoming 2018 tour, and they chatted to the artist extensively about how he envisions his music and how he likes to be presented live.
Known for his genre-defying compositions, and true ‘crossover’ dynamics, he wanted a strikingly contemporary look.
Six of the BMFL Spots are rigged on the downstage truss, two on three backlight spot trusses, and the 11 x BMFL WashBeams are on the deck behind the upstage video wall. From this position they can kick in for some spectacular effects. The three other BMFL WashBeams are on the mother grid supporting the flying (automated) video screens and the sub-hung trusses.
The 12 x CycFX 8s are running along the front edge of the stage in the footlight position.
The BMFL Spots are attached to a remote follow spot system and provide the majority of the show’s key light. Their high CRI and good whites make them ideal for the task.
The BMFL WashBeams are one of their major effects systems, producing big, bold looks that contrast the screens.
The CycFX 8s are primarily footlights for Urban and his band, but also create some specific effects at strategic moments.
Several other light sources are involved in the design, all supplied by lighting vendor Upstaging.
(Jim Evans)

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