VHC adds Claypaky Axcor Spots to inventory
Monday, 10 September 2018
claypaky-axcor-spot-300The new fixtures are slated for use on two upcoming national conventions
Visual Horizon Communications (VHC), a St. Paul, Minnesota-based boutique staging company, has taken delivery of Claypaky Axcor Spot 300 fixtures. One of the first in the US to acquire Axcor Spots, part of Claypaky’s new Axcor 300 family of moving LED fixtures, VHC has been looking to replace older spots in the company’s lighting inventory.
“We needed to replace some ageing spots, and our last two purchases had been Claypaky equipment,” says lighting designer Bob Wynsteker. “We really like the quality we’re seeing from Claypaky. Their fixtures are built to last.”
When VHC decided to invest in new spots the company staged a shoot-out with other LED fixtures of comparable size to the Axcor Spot. “The Axcor’s brightness, compared to our current spots, was right up there,” says Wynsteker. “Stacked up against the other units, the Axcor consumed less power and had a nice flat, even field. But perhaps its biggest selling point was its mechanical design: Three of our technicians who are normally on site with projects loved how you can open the top of the fixture and pull out a module and replace a gobo in mid-show. Some other fixtures are so jam-packed inside that they are hard to maintain.
“In fact, the Axcor Spot is better designed all around, right down to its recessed display panel - a much better solution than the flush-mounted panel on other units.”
The new fixtures are slated for use on two upcoming national conventions and a large corporate meeting; the Axcor Spots will make their debut with “a guest lighting designer who is quite well established on Broadway,” says Wynsteker.
Francesco Romagnoli, Claypaky area manager for North and Latin America, added, “It’s great to see our newest fixture make its way in the US market. We look forward to seeing the great jobs it gets used on.”
(Jim Evans)

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