Vanguard Audio debuts V7 FET microphone
Monday, 21 January 2019
vanguardThe V7 features an interchangeable capsule system
USA - Vanguard Audio Labs will show the V7 at NAMM 2019. The V7 features an interchangeable capsule system that is a modified version of the company's V34C ‘LOLLI’ pencil-mount capsule, which allows for different capsule styles, sizes, and voicings that can operate in any of nine selectable polar patterns.
The transformer-coupled solid-state circuitry consists of combining desirable elements from several legendary circuits.
The V7 is housed in a vintage bottle style body, finished with deep-gloss 'pinot noir'r colour and accented by polished chrome trim. The rear of the microphone allows for a selectable 140Hz/70Hz rolloff and -10/-20dB pad. Included is the VLSM shockmount, a padded pinewood storage box, a microfiber mic sleeve, and locking case with space for additional capsule heads.
(Jim Evans)

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