Chauvet introduces COLORado Solo Batten
Monday, 28 January 2019
colorado-solo-battenThe COLORado Solo Batten creates a uniformly homogenised wash
USA - The new COLORado Solo Batten from Chauvet Professional made its world premiere on the Times Square Midnight Countdown Stage of the ABC Network’s Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve programme.
The bright, IP65-rated fixture creates a uniformly homogenised wash, giving it the appearance of being a single bar of light with no pixels or “round eyes” visible, and no dark corners. This even look can add a distinctive aesthetic touch to any design, particularly in broadcast and theatrical applications, says the company.
“This is a light that addresses a need that our customers have expressed for a batten that creates an edge-to-edge single bar of light,” says Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Designers tell us they’re excited, because this will allow them to create a whole range of new looks.”
Featuring 144 LEDs, the linear fixture has 12 equally-sized square sections, each of which can be controlled individually. This allows the COLORado Solo Batten to go from presenting a single homogenized light source, to displaying an endless variety of pixel mapped effects and chase sequences with smooth fades and wipes.
“We are very eager to see more of what designers come up with when using the COLORado Solo Batten,” adds Chauvet. “This is truly a multi-purpose batten light that can be used in a wide variety of ways, not just for uplighting or in set pieces. There is really no limit to the creative possibilities it opens for designers.”
(Jim Evans)

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