ChamSys powers San Holo tour
Wednesday, 30 January 2019
sanholo2San Holo ‘acts like he is a part of the crowd’
The Netherlands - Writing about electronic music star San Holo’s stop at New York’s Terminal 5 on his current tour in support of his latest album, a critic wrote, “San Holo acts like he is a part of the crowd, which makes us a part of him”.
This sense of connectivity has been repeated time and again around the world, as the Dutch artist, whose real name is Sander van Dijck, pours out his feelings in a deeply personal performance that seamlessly blends musical elements from the heaviest basses and trance beats to soft vocals and live guitar melodies.
Reflecting this sound in light and video is a 13-universe Manuel Rodrigues-designed show, powered by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 desk and video server.
Rodrigues, who worked with the tour’s creative director Thorwald van den Akker, comments. “In my designs I always try to go to the essence of the looks I want to create,” he explains. “I’m very rigorous in applying the ‘less is more’ principle. I try to find the simplest lines and then line up every lighting and video element perfectly with each other. The CAD drawing I made might look boring to the untrained eye; everything is just in rows of the same fixtures, and all elements are lined up with each other. But when the light and video work in concert, their aesthetics become more apparent because of the clean design of the stage.”
The ChamSys MQ80 has been instrumental in helping Rodrigues achieve his vision on the global tour. “My console’s portability, number of universes supported, and the ability to capture palettes over Art-Net have been very important to me,” he says. “These three functions combined are golden for a traveling LD. I think ChamSys initiated a trend years ago of shrinking down the size of the lighting desk, and in the process has tempted other lighting desk manufacturers to release products with a similar form factor.”
(Jim Evans)

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