Painting with Light for Panasonic showstopper
Thursday, 7 March 2019
painting-with-light-panasonic-live-show-ise-2019The fast-paced, colourful show was based around projecting onto an inflatable dome structure (photo: Louise Stickland)
The Netherlands - Creative design practice Painting with Light was behind the delivery of the live performance show on the Panasonic stand at the 2019 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) expo in Amsterdam.
Under the creative direction of Luc Peumans, for the third consecutive year, the Painting with Light team presented a specially-choreographed five-minute dance show, complete with bespoke video content and a special soundtrack for which they commissioned Frank de Wulf to direct - and sourced two dancers from the Véronique Lenaers school of ballet.
This showcased some of Panasonic’s latest technologies, including the new ET-D3LEF70 high resolution fisheye lenses for immersive projection applications and a new technical collaboration between Panasonic and AV Stumpfl, which has resulted in the development of their Pixera media server.
The fast-paced, colourful and eye-catching show was based around projecting onto an inflatable dome structure, to show the flexibility and mapping and shaping capabilities of the kit.
The video content produced by Painting with Light illustrated the strength of Panasonic’s video technology in various sectors, from stages, live events, sporting fixtures to theatre and television and performance shows.
Five projectors covered the full inside area of the Dome’s concave roof, two more did the exterior ‘lip’ of the arch and the two dancers who wore flesh costumes which were video mapped with content from another machine positioned in front of the performance area.
Five Panasonic PT-RQ22K 20,000lm projectors were integrated into the stage underneath the dome, three of these fitted with the ET-D3LEF70 fisheye lenses and two with ET-D75LE50 lenses.
The projection onto the lip of the arch was achieved with a pair of double-stacked Panasonic PT-RZ21K machines fitted with ET-D75LE6 lenses and the two dancers were mapped with footage beamed from an PT-RZ120 with an ET-DLE250 lens. Two more PT-RZ21Ks fitted with ET-MH14 Mirrorheads and ET-D75LE10 lenses were used to cover the floor/forestage area in front of the dome.
The Pixera media server was programmed by Painting with Light’s video and media experts Katleen Selleslagh and Vincent Steenhoek.
Also on the team were Olivier Hauser and Rainer Brandstätter from AV Stumpfl, who have extensive knowledge of the Pixera server.
Katleen started the timecoded show - which ran every hour on the hour - using Pixera’s control app running on her smartphone.
Luc Peumans comments: “It was hugely exciting to be reunited with the Panasonic team, and to be working with AV Stumpfl for the first time on one of these special shows, using new software and hardware, with new people, input and ideas. Working in an exhibition environment is always challenging and invigorating and allows all of us to explore new horizons as well as learn and benefit from each other’s skills and knowledge.”
(Jim Evans)

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