NEXT-proaudio supports One Yeah Pop Up+
Tuesday, 26 March 2019
next-proaudio-festival-china-3The One Yeah Pop Up+ Festival
China - The One Yeah Pop Up+ Festival took place on 16-17 March in Xi’an, gathering China's pioneers in electronic music and rap, as well as Chinese traditional style, cool street ball and B-box.
After deep consideration and careful selecting, the organiser chose NEXT-proaudio, which was supplied by Real Music Acoustics, local distributor of the Portuguese manufacturer.
“The electronic music sound effects were controlled fantastically and the sound pressure with the LA212x line array was really amazing allowing all the audience to have a fantastic music experience,” comments Richie Wang, CEO of Real-Music.
The system comprises more than 120 NEXT-pro audio speakers. The main hang adopts Next-Proaudio 's flagship product line array series, 15 LA212x per side, and 18 LAs418G per side stacked in front of the stage. Another nine LA212x per side for out-fill. 12 wide angled LA122w were used for front-fill. three LA122w with one LAs118 were mounted on both sides of the stage as side-fill. In addition, 16 X15 point source speakers were used as stage monitor.
The entire setup was powered and managed via N-RAK, the touring racks with Powersoft X8 amplifiers.
(Jim Evans)

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