Alcons amplifies Leipzig Lichtfest
Friday, 29 March 2019
alcons-lichtfest-stage-nightCommemorating the peaceful revolution
Germany - Since 2009, the city of Leipzig has been commemorating the peaceful revolution annually on 9 November, that started from the Saxon metropolis and made a significant contribution to the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. As in previous years, more than 15,000 people gathered on the Augustplatz between the Gewandhaus and the Opera.
On behalf of the Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH (LTM), ils medientechnik once again assumed overall responsibility for all technical support. After ils had successfully implemented the large-format LR28 line array of the Dutch manufacturer Alcons Audio at a major event in the autumn, managing director Thomas Ils again opted for the "big silverware" at Lichtfest.
The main stage was placed in front of the opera, where a moving synthesis of sound, spoken theatre and speeches was realised. The staging focused on women this year.
Conductor Eva Meitner conducted the Free Orchestra Leipzig, consisting exclusively of female musicians and formed for the occasion. Only works by female composers were performed with one exception. Actresses and contemporary witnesses conveyed the female perspective on the events of autumn 1989 and the role of women in the civil rights movement.
ils medientechnik was responsible for the entire technical implementation and supplied all necessary equipment. In addition, the team led by the managing directors Thomas and Mario Ils also supplied the technical advice for the artists.
The main PA hangs consisted of two 15 Alcons LR28, the large-format pro-ribbon line array system. Twenty Alcons BC543 subwoofers provided the low-frequency support. In addition, ils deployed 12x VR8 for monitoring and eight LR14 pro-ribbon line array systems for the nearfield. Eighteen Alcons LR18, the smaller brother of the LR28, were used for the delay, which was laterally expanded with four Alcons QR24/110 line source systems.
"We have used the LR28 now at two major events which could not be more different," explains Thomas Ils. "While the first project was about rock/pop sound, we were now able to experience the system in a classical context. Both times, the LR28 has absolutely convinced us. The Alcons system astonishes us again and again with its detailed sound reproduction; The natural, almost 'analytic' sound, paired with high speech intelligibility, always delivers in any application. "
Uwe Biesgen from Creativsound in Berlin was responsible for the FoH mix. The LR28 system was leased by ils medientechnik from the The Ribbon Network.
(Jim Evans)

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