Tarm stages laser spectacular
Monday, 8 April 2019
reflection-kopieThe presentation can be experienced live by appointment
Germany - #reflection is an innovative laser performance presented by tarm Showlaser in Bochum, which is based on an array of static and computer-controlled, motorized mirror surfaces and diffraction gratings, multiplying the full-colour RGBYC laser sources and creating a spectacular scenography that “plays with shapes and colours, dance to selected sounds and create sculptures out of laser light, far from traditional laser stereotypes”.
"Laser beam deflections via mirrors and diffraction gratings have been used for over 30 years, but so far only with small static tiles, usually in the format of 15 x 15cm. The use of motorised units and mirror surfaces of various dimensions and formats, however, opens up completely new design options for use at events and presentations of any kind,” says managing director Ralf Lottig.
This performance can be experienced live by appointment in the Bochum Studios of tarm Showlaser GmbH. A video can be seen on the homepage www.tarm.de at https://www.tarm.de/work/reflection-61.html
(Jim Evans)

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