L-Acoustics acquires major stake in DeltaLive
Thursday, 11 April 2019
deltaliveDelta founders, Mark Bonner and Paul Keating
Europe - L-Acoustics Group has acquired a majority stake in DeltaLive. This follows the announcement earlier this week that PRG has acquired Delta Sound LLC in Dubai.
“Today we have a further and exciting announcement to make about DeltaLive UK,” says Delta founder Paul Keating. “We are delighted to announce that DeltaLive has become part of the L-Acoustics Group of Companies.
“Throughout our history, DeltaLive has always had a strong working relationship with L-Acoustics, and excuse the pun, but they have always been our “French Connection”. Our strategy within L-Group is to venture into markets that have remained unexplored by L-Acoustics, with the commissioning of private and professional auditoria such as Island or Ocean, using the new L-ISA technology. The newly formed L-Acoustics Creations branch, the purpose of which is to offer the best of L-Acoustics technologies to a lifestyle and sound-art sector, is a great example of this.
“L-Acoustics is a great fit for our future strategy. With the company's leading technology and reputation for the highest quality audio products and performance, we are excited by what the future will bring. In particular the revolutionary L-ISA technology will strengthen our specialist audio services to clients.”
DeltaLive will continue to operate independently under the management of Keating and co-founder Mark Bonner. “It’s very much,100% business as usual,” Keating affirms.
He continues, “On a personal level, Mark and I are excited about the challenge ahead and working closely with L-Acoustics, developing their private, lifestyle and sound art sector. We look forward to working closely with Hervé Guillaume (managing director), Christian Heil (founder) and the whole L-Acoustics team. I know that DeltaLive colleagues will hugely benefit from their vast industry experience.”
Christian Heil, founder of L-Acoustics, states, “The integration of DeltaLive into the L-Acoustics Group is perfectly clear to us. Technologies are currently becoming more complex and sometimes challenging for service companies. As L-Acoustics is a pioneer in multiple audio-related fields and connected activities, we need partners who can assist us in refining and validating our offer. DeltaLive brings to the group a wide range of opportunities and its geographical proximity will allow us to fulfill this mission.
“There is no question of us ever interfering in the provision of services or developing large-scale rental solutions. The economic reason that led us to conclude this acquisition is our total commitment to our L-Acoustics Creations branch, the purpose of which is to offer the best of our technologies to a lifestyle and sound-art sector. Thanks to the personality and charisma of Paul Keating, I believe that DeltaLive will be the driving force behind this new and exciting activity.”
(Jim Evans)

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