Troldekt panels aid theatre acoustics
Friday, 26 April 2019
regents-park-theatreThe newly-constructed rehearsal building
UK - Troldtekt 100% wood wool acoustic panels have been used at London’s Open Air Theatre in Regents Park. The rehearsal building, designed by architects Reed Watt, comprises a double-height dance and rehearsal studio in its centre encircled by offices, kitchen and green room. The details of the structure have been designed to reinforce the magic of the setting in which trees, plants and sky surround the visitor.
The walls are clad with dark stained larch which helps to blur the distinction between building and landscape while creating a natural extension to the existing buildings along the edge of the site. Inside, Troldtekt wood wall panelling in natural grey also complement the natural setting while helping to dampen and keep reverberated sound to a minimum. The rehearsal studio has been acoustically rated so that the maximum noise level that can happen in the studio before being audible outside is 100dB.
The acoustic studies have been carried out not only to contain the noise in the room but also to allow the best sound quality during rehearsals hence why, to avoid reverberation, a band of troldtekt panels has been installed at high level. In particular, the panels have been slightly inclined, looking like a feather edge texture, to increase the sound waves' change of direction.
This detail directly relates to the external timber cladding layout where it becomes a feature, leaving the small side edges of the black stained boards as natural timber, breaking down the impact of the upper level cladding.
Troldtekt panels are frequently specified as a key way to control acoustics. This is particularly true with spaces like this which are full of ‘hard’ surfaces where sound waves will bounce causing distraction and reduced concentration. Specified throughout the UK and Europe, their benefits include high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability.
The panels are also specified to improve acoustics in many different types of purpose and projects, such as schools, leisure centres, pools, commercial, private and public buildings. Available in various sizes and in four grades from extreme fine to coarse, they can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour.
(Jim Evans)

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