Neutrik launches anti-piracy legal action
Monday, 13 May 2019
neutrikNeutrik’s anti-piracy campaign continues
Europe - At this year’s Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Neutrik went on a determined offensive against product piracy. Following Neutrik’s request, police seized numerous products that clearly violate intellectual property rights. Moreover, extensive warnings to cease and desist have also been sent to the companies concerned. Further legal action has already been launched.
Countless Neutrik products are based on technical inventions that have set new standards and are protected by patents. In addition, design features and brand names have been registered to ensure that original Neutrik products are easily and clearly recognizable.
“We want to generate real customer added value with our products and to protect that value. That requires maintaining global patents and trademarks, which, while very costly, form an important part of our innovation culture. If our competitors now ruthlessly flout these intellectual property rights, we shall consistently take all the legal measures at our disposal to stop this,” said René Kleiner, CTO of the Neutrik Group.
Among the most frequently imitated or copied products are the XLR plugs of the XX series (e.g. the compression ring patent) as well as the speakON, powerCON and etherCON cable connectors. In addition to patent infringements, Neutrik must also respond to imitations of protected design elements (sinus wave) or the misuse of registered brand names, says the company.
Consistent action against product piracy and copiers is essential and forms part of Neutrik’s corporate strategy in order to secure and justify investments in research and development.
In order to protect Neutrik’s existing patent and trademark rights, further action is already planned for trade fairs in addition to the instigation of legal proceedings in China.
(Jim Evans)

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