Rogues reflect many facets of Kevin Hart UK tour
Friday, 5 February 2016
Rogues reflect many facets of Kevin Hart UK tourDelvo specified 24 Rogue R2 Washes and eight Rogue R1 Washes for the shows from London-based SXS Event
UK - Kevin Hart is one of the most in-demand comedians in Hollywood, having starred in countless films such as Think Like a Man and About Last Night, in addition to several TV and stand-up appearances. He has also been making considerable waves on the other side of the pond.

As part of his What Now? stand-up comedy tour, Hart recently headlined two sold-out shows at London's 20,000-capacity O2 Arena. Tour lighting designer Ken Delvo turned to Chauvet Professional's Rogue Series to provide stunning wash effects for the shows that were every bit as smooth, fast and multi-faceted as the star performer's comedic style.

Delvo specified 24 Rogue R2 Washes and eight Rogue R1 Washes for the shows from London-based SXS Event. So confident was the LD in the Rogue's capabilities, that, in fact, they were the only wash fixtures to be specified on the entire lighting rig. He positioned the Rogue R1 Washes on the floor of the stage for base stage wash and flew the R2 Washes above the stage for mid-air washing.

"A key challenge for Delvo was to find a solution to light both the lower levels of the stage and the higher levels of atmosphere filling up the big stadium," commented Johnny Palmer of SXS Events. "The Rogues were perfectly suited for both tasks. The R2s were able to fill the cavernous O2 arena, thanks to their incredible zoom range (12°-49°), giving the Rogue R2 Wash the spread to cover even the largest areas."

While the R1's 7 RGBW LEDs made them ideal for the short focus at the base of the stage, the R2's 19 RGBW LEDs, in comparison, ensured that the powerful wash could be cast over the stage from above and also out into the audience when required, really augmenting the followspots on Hart.

"For the Kevin Hart shows, the Rogues gave an ideal balance to the overall lighting concept," said Palmer. "In the stadium environment, they are the perfect fixture because they can wash colour delicately and provide full on show lighting when necessary, making them highly adaptable fixtures for a whole manner of purposes."

(Jim Evans)

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