LFPS delivers King Kong to Harrods
Friday, 7 June 2019
lfps-kong2The package was lowered gently into its final position
UK - When looking to orchestrate an installation at Harrods, L’Atelier Five called on technical event specialists Light Fantastic Production Services to devise a suitably creative rigging solution to manoeuvre the precious cargo into place.
Created as part of an art installation featuring the work of French artist Richard Orlinski, the project required the ultra-precise handling and positioning of a 200kg King Kong gorilla statue, valued at over £250,000.
The challenging brief involved lifting the 200kg statue from street level down into position at the entrance to the Harrods fine watch room, located on the lower ground floor. The lack of rigging points, minimal clearance and need to protect both the cargo and the interior required delivery of a precision solution to carry out the rather unique task.
The LFPS team devised a custom rigging system based around a wheeled truss structure with a bespoke trolley beam to support a pair of moveable hoists. Having lifted the simian statue from its transit case, the structure was moved into position over the stairwell with just millimetres to spare. Carefully negotiating the delicate environment of the store, the package was lowered gently into its final position as part of the striking installation.
LFPS managing director Rob Myer comments, “We love an unusual brief and were delighted to rise to this king sized challenge. It’s been great helping our friends at L’Atelier Five create such a stunning installation - a proper work of art!”
(Jim Evans)

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