European Union elections turn Paladin blue
Monday, 17 June 2019
eu-parliament-election-2019bBathed in blue: the European Parliament building
Belgium - Europeans went to the polls on 23-26 May to elect a new European Parliament, with citizens in 28 countries casting ballots in the second largest democratic election in the world.
Although the election takes place across the continent, the geographic focal point is the European Parliament building in Brussels, which was decked out in blues for the occasion, courtesy of Elation Paladin LED luminaires.
Elation’s Belgian distributor IDD Concept of Brussels illuminated the outdoor Esplanade, the mall, often used as a backdrop for election television coverage, and the European Parliament buildings, the Espace Léopold, in a wash of European Union blue. IDD Concept provided all of the outdoor technical lighting for both sides of the building, including specification of the Paladin luminaires for the main Esplanade front.
IDD Concept initially considered using 80 LED fixtures with 10W LEDs but found that just 32 of the weatherproof Paladin luminaires with their high-power 40W RGBW LEDs and wide-angle zoom could do the job much better. DB Video of Belgium supplied eight of the Paladins for the project with the rest coming from Niclen in Germany.
The Paladin fixtures, mounted across three sides of two separate scaffolding towers, worked alongside moving heads and were used to project a rich, beautiful saturated blue to match the deep blue of the European Union flag and logo. Rain on the last day posed no problem for the IP65-rated Paladins although much of the other lighting had to be covered.
(Jim Evans)

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